NEWALL is a manufacturer of high technological linear encoders.

The company was founded in 1968 and in 1973 NEWALL released on the market the precision Spherosyn ™ and Microsyn ™ linear encoders. Today’s product range includes incremental and absolute versions with standard output signals, which can be transmitted to all major CNC, NC, PLC and PC systems. Recent SHG and MHG Linear Encoders offer unique design and continue to provide accurate and reliable measurement even if fully submerged in water, oil or coolant. All NEWALL linear encoders are IP67, resistant to vibration and do not require special cleaning and maintenance. NEWALL product range also includes digital displays (monitors) designed to improve the efficiency of machines.

The linear encoders DSG and DMG by NEWALL are specially designed to work with the displays of competing manufacturers. Now you can replace your glass incremental linear encoders with reliable inductive encoders NEWALL, which are impermeable to liquid coolants, oil and water, pollutants and other environmental impacts.

The design of linear encoders DSG and DMG is based on Spherosyn ™ and Microsyn ™, technology that provides a degree of protection IP67 and is world-renowned for its quality, accuracy and reliability.

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ELSY LTD is a partner and distributor of NEWALL products in Bulgaria.

ELSY Ltd in the engineering activity designs and builds automatic control systems in machine building. ELSY revamps lathes and milling machines by installing new CNC systems, servos and linear encoders designed by NEWALL.

NEWALL has been presented for many years on the Bulgarian market. The new partnership is aimed at extending the presence and increasing customer’s satisfaction.