ELSY Ltd distributes level measuring sensors manufactured by NIVELCO

NIVELCO’s product range covers sensors and detectors for liquid level and bulk materials.

Sensors are produced using different physical principles:

  • Floating.
  • Hydrostatic.
  • Capacitive.
  • Ultrasound and radar.
  • Magnetostrictive.
  • Vibration.
  • Membrane.
  • With a rotating vane.

NIVELCO controllers allow the realization of automatic control and management of processes.

One highly effective application is the flow measurement in open channels.


Method of volume / flow measurement in an open channel is often used to measure the quantity of water or waste water in the industry. Flow is determined by measuring the level and calculating of the base amount of liquid flowing through a channel with a known shape and size. There is a strict mathematical relationship between the height of the water layer in flow through the opening and the volume of fluid streamed in a unit of time. A level sensor is used to measure the height of the water layer and then it calculates the flow rate through the opening. Volume is calculated by integrating.

Measurement of the level is carried out by means of the ultrasonic sensor. It is connected to a controller which is configured to obtain the measured and calculated data from the intelligent sensor. Measurement data is accumulated in two counters – “infinite”, which can not be reset and the second, which allows to be reset. Data can be collected manually by reading the values from the display on the controller and / or via a serial RS485 interface with the controller or “HART-USB” modem connected to a computer. Communication distance is up to 1000 meters.

To perform the method in the channel or drain a weir with a suppressed rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal or other shape of opening or Parshal flume is installed. This method attains the flow rate ranged from 0.0002 to 5 cubic meters per second with an error not greater than ± 2.5%.

The method allows with a minimal investment and with minor reconstruction of sewers to build reliable and high precision system for measuring the actual quantity of wastewater discharged by civil or industrial enterprises.

More about the method can be obtained from the brochure Open channel flow meters.pdf

Such systems have been built in plants producing ceramics, cement, petrochemical products, water treatment plants and others.