XIRIS AUTOMATION Inc. http://www.xiris.com/ is a Canadian company, developer of specialized video monitoring systems for tube and pipe industry.

The WI2000p post weld inspection system has been exclusively created for the tube and pipe industry to detect quality issues related to the welding process.

A high speed video camera combined with fast data capture and analysis rates provides detection of defects down to 0.015 mm in size on a typical tube or pipe mill. Defects inspected include weld undercut, sunken welds, bead height, deflection, freeze line and weld register (mismatch).

The process of welding tube and pipe requires several variables to be in check for efficient and stable production and to meet the quality demands of the industry. Mill dynamics, from setup to production, have an impact on the stability of these variables. Measuring and monitoring these variables is the first step in controlling them and improving weld quality.
The main benefits are:

  • Simplify and reduce mill set up time.
  • Minimize down time.
  • Decrease material scrap.
  • Measure shift efficiency, yield and raw material quality.
  • Lessen.

Customer Returns.

  • Field Failures.
  • Product Liability Claims.

ELSY Ltd is a partner of “XIRIS”: 082 827 350; 0888253740, office@elsy-bg.com www.elsy-bg.com.