ELSY Ltd. is a partner of Inductotherm Heating and Welding in Bulgaria. Inductotherm HW is a manufacturer of equipment for induction heating and welding of metals. This equipment is manufactured under four brands, each of which is specialized for different applications.

THERMATOOL is the brand which designs high frequency generators for welding pipes. Generators are a very important part of the tube mills producing welded pipe, tubes and profiles. THERMATOOL are “solid state” technology generators based on “Current fed inverter” (CFI). Characterized with high reliability and stable technological parameters, which provide high quality welds. The modular design allows quick replacement or removal of defective power modules and thus a short downtime of the equipment.

RADYNE is the leading name in the design and manufacture of high quality solutions to induction heating and coating of pipes for the oil and gas sector.

NEWELCO is the brand name of the equipment for induction heating of billets and ingots of ferrous metals for forging applications. NEWELCO offers proven reliability and repeatability of the parameters of the process.

BANYARD is specializes in technologies for induction heating of carbon-free and non-ferrous metals. Manufactures equipment for low-frequency heating of aluminum, copper, brass and exotic alloys.

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IHWT customers in Bulgaria are “Vidima IDEAL” JSC, “Leiarmash”JSC , “PIH INDUSTRY”JSC, “SILVA MASH” Ltd and others.

ELSY Ltd is authorized to service the THERMATOOL HF welding generators for tube and pipe production and has a stock of spare parts for the equipment.