ESLY Ltd is a partner of RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS on Bulgarian market. The partnership is developing in two directions:

  • 1. Electronic radio lamps for industrial applications they are used in equipment for induction heating and welding. Typical applications are HF generators for welding in the manufacturing of welded pipes. In this group of products, are the high voltage capacitors for the same applications –
  • 2. Richardson Industrial Services
    Richardson Electronics has e new division, called Richardson Industrial services and designed to develop the new direction of industrial products and services for laser cutting machines. The new portfolio includes spare parts and consumables for CO2 lasers. On the micro site you can find information for products used in CO2 laser cutting machines.

1Laser electron devices

The partnership with THALES is becoming closer to Richardson Electronics, which is now a global distributor of RS3021CJ and RS2048CJC (Carbon grid). These a powerful radio lamps for CO2 lasers. Please take a look at the brochure.

1.a) RS3021CJ is an original choice for TRUMPF and it is the only triode used in newly built CO2 CO2 lasers with 4 kW of power.

1.b) RS2048CJC, is the original choice for TRUMPF used in newly built CO2 lasers with 5 -7 kW of power and it is the top model of the RS2048CJ line. Produced by the technology “carbon grid” that provides greater reliability and, above all, longer life and reduced operating costs.

1.c)RS3021CJ and RS2048CJC are available worldwide ONLY by the Richardson Electronics distribution network

1.d) RS lamps are designed in France by THALES ELECTRON DEVICES by high quality standards and ensure superior quality and reliability.

1.e) RS lamps are available from a storage facility in Amsterdam on a competitive price and with a 2 year warranty or 5000 hours.

1.f) Accessories for RS3021CJ and RS2048CJC are also available.

1.g) NL10277-1 is an electronic device, tetrode, used in many CO2 lasers, including BYSTRONIC’s lasers. The only manufacturer and distributer of NL10277-1 is Richardson Electronics.

2 Laser consumables

We offer consumables for the laser cutting machines TRUMPF and BYSTRONIC.

2.a)Lenses  used in laser cutting machines.
We offer lenses with focal length of 5” and 7,5” with standard or low-absorbing coating directly from a storage facility.

OEM Part Number REL Part Number Comments
TRUMPF 88114 RLT100/50S 5″ F/L Standard-absorbing
97517 RLT101/75S 7,5″ F/L Standard-absorbing
88114 RLT200/50LA 5″ F/L Low-absorbing
97517 RLT201/75LA 7,5″ F/L Low-absorbing
Bystronic 4-05094 RLB400/50S 5″ F/L Standard-absorbing
4-05095 RLB401/75S 7,5″ F/L Standard-absorbing
4-05094 RLB500/50LA 5″ F/L Low-absorbing
4-05095 RLB501/75LA 7,5″ F/L Low-absorbing

We also deliver lenses with a focal length of 3.75 “, 9” and 10 “for TRUMPF laser machines.

Our lenses are manufactured in the United States of America to meet and exceed the quality requirements for manufacturers of machinery and give the best performance and lowest operating costs to consumers.

2.b) Nozzles and nozzle holders have relatively short lives and are often changed. Nozzles designed by Richardson Electronics (sold 10 per box) are produced in EU, while nozzle holders are produced by Swiss and German manufacturers. Because QUALITY is important! Available supply of the wide variety of nozzles for the TRUMPF and BYSTRONIC machines contributes to better customer service.
Nozzles are available for fiber lasers of TRUMPF and MICROSTEP.

2.c) Mirrors, filters, bottles and other supplies and spare parts.

2.d)Bellows for laser beam and rails.

You can download an electronic catalog of nozzles, lenses, mirrors and other parts and accessories for TRUMPF and BYSTRONIC machines.

Partnership between ELSY LTD and RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS shortens the path of powerful radio lamps and supplies for CO2 lasers from manufacturer to customer. Result is lower costs and shorter delivery time.